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The following is a rough timeline of when particular stories or events take place in Nathaniel Drakkon's life. This will be expanded with any stories which have not been completed and eventually all of the completed stories will be on the Grimoire. Any stories which are not finished but posted partly on the White Counsil are also listed. The White War mentioned here is one of the major events of the For Honour and Glory setting and was the main plot of the rpg on the White Counsil. For those coming into the setting from the outside, think of it like the Battle of Yavin was treated in the Star Wars universe. It's a good way of quickly referencing when a story is happening, the number of years and months after or before the world-changing event. Anything with brackets around it is the title of a story. Tomorrow I will post another completed story.

Nathaniel Drakkon Timeline

Events listed take place BWW (Before the White War) or AWW (After the White War)

46 years BWW - Arthan Drakkon and Raven Serasai born in Crint.
44 years BWW - Nathaniel Drakkon born in Crint.
43 years BWW - Marcus Krandor born in Ataya.
42 years BWW - Jessa Aeris born in Valoruin.
41 years, 5 months BWW - Nathaniel's grandfather Caine Drakkon dies.
25 years 1 month BWW - Arthan Drakkon is killed; Nathaniel vows to avenge his death after he becomes a powerful mage.
24 years 11 months BWW - Nathaniel travels to Ataya (Ancient Morning). Nathaniel Drakkon, Marcus Krandor and Jessa Aeris begin training in Ataya.
24 years 3 months BWW - (Something to Believe)
23 years 10 months BWW - (Illuminate the Blade)
19 years 5 months BWW - (A Blooding) The first large-scale battle Nathaniel Drakkon is part of.
18 years 8 months BWW - (Will I Live Forever?)
18 years 8 months BWW - (Undeath and Glory)
15 years BWW - Nathaniel's mother Katrina Drakkon dies.
14 years BWW - Nathaniel's father Rowan Drakkon dies.
11 years BWW - Nathaniel Drakkon lays down the Drakkon family tree and adds it to the historical documents and heirlooms held in the family estate.
9 years 5 months BWW - (Shining the Light)
9 years 3 months BWW - (No Rest for the Wicked)
7 years 2 months BWW - Nathaniel leaves Ataya for the last time and returns to Crint. He begins his investigation into his brother’s murder.
7 years BWW - Nathaniel tracks down and kills Lilith Albrecht for the murder of his brother as well as those of other magic-users. Her spirit becomes bound to him and he goes into a self-imposed exile to avoid shaming his friends, fellow mages and Weissland.
6 years 10 months BWW - Nathaniel finds himself in an uncharted land called the Obsidian Empire. (Solid Winter)
3 years 3 months BWW - (Wayward Sun)
3 years 2 months BWW - (Spirit Shine)
0 years BWW - Nathaniel returns from travelling in distant lands, most recently from Ahm-Shere. He arrives in the White Realm and rejoins the service of Weissland in the closing days of the White War. He then returns to Weissland and is caught up in the war against the Defiled Kingdom.
0-1 year AWW - Nathaniel fights for Weissland in the war against the Defiled Kingdom. Later he fights alongside Lord Mordain against the servants of Krodalis.

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