Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Beginnings and Explanations

It all started years ago on the Desert Sands forum when Pat posted a story in the newly added fiction subforum and renewed my interest and motivation to write. Blame him for all that follows, he's at the root of the problem. A group of us got involved in taking part in free-form RPGs started once again by Pat. After a couple of Star Wars rps we voted to start the rp I had thrown together, set in the D&D Forgotten Realms, called Blood of Kalishemar. There I created a warlock character called Nathal Drakkon, the beginnings of the character who became Nathaniel Drakkon. When the rp stopped I joined the White Counsil (the misspelling was apparently on purpose) and eventually joined the community shared world of For Honour and Glory. It had grown out of the concept of the forum as a fantasy realm and the forum members as characters with a host of usernames becoming heroes or villains. Events on the forum were even ficionalised as stories by some members, and it grew to quite literally epic proportions.

I started to read the rpg which was in full swing at that point, as well as stories and background on the setting. It is safe to say I was completely sucked into a world which inspired me. After visiting Lathaon's forum and using the name Nathaniel Drakkon to register, it all spiralled out of my control. After beginning an unrelated story I finally took my first step into the rpg.

So, in the closing days of the war between the White Realm and Weissland, a mysterious old man arrived at Port Village. It was not an arrival heralded by great fanfare, few would notice the spark which could turn into an inferno given time. Sitting on a rock thinking, this old man in robes with a grey beard had a strange and standoffish meeting with Mordus, one of the commanders of the Seekers. With rain pouring down, the two individuals exchanged a few words and that.. was just the beginning, I had no idea how far the character would go.

I'm going to begin the story portion of this blog by posting the largest and perhaps most important story I have written so far Shining the Light.

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