Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Thick Plottens...

as we say on TWC. Things have not been going as well as I had hoped for the stories I'm working on. Progress has been slow and I don't know when I'll actually get something finished to put on here. Part of my vision for this blog was that I would only post finished stories, not parts, so that anyone reading could read the complete story instead of waiting on new parts that might be months away from appearing.

Time has not been my ally and I find myself constantly tied up with dozens of other trivial things. Also motivation is a big factor, when you're sitting around unemployed it is difficult to care about doing anything. Still, I have finished another chapter of the story featuring Mordain, which will satiate Chadden for a while. I've started on the next one and we'll see how it goes. Still got a long road to travel on this story though, multiple chapters with nothing more than a title and a brief idea of their content.

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